Research Projects

  • Ministry of Environment

    Research on detailed plans for the financial support program for green bonds and the invigoration of green finance


    Research on the ESG performance of corporations paying tax in kind and improvement plans

  • Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute

    Environmental assessment performance and database analysis

  • Government Employees Pension Service

    Research on the establishment of a system to evaluate the ESG performance of domestic stocks

  • Korea Post

    Ways to invigorate socially responsible investment by post office banking

  • KDB Bank

    Development of a model to diagnose the ESG investment implementation level of an entrusted asset manager

  • Financial Supervisory Service

    Case studies of ESG policy implementation in key countries

  • Korea Forestry Service

    Research on the development of a standard ESG evaluation system for the forestry area

  • The Presidential Committee on Jobs

    Linking ESG with jobs

  • Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute

    Improvement of disclosure items (draft) in line with expanding mandatory environmental disclosure scope

  • Ministry of Environment

    Ways to manage external reviewers of green bonds

  • National Pension Service

    Selected as the domestic stock database provider for 2021

  • Korea Fair Trade Commission

    Research on the sophistication of the disclosure by the business groups subject to regulatory disclosure requirement

  • Korea Investment Management

    ⌜Ways to Expand Shareholder Activities under New Circumstances of Capital Markets⌟

  • Ministry of Environment

    Ways to expand financial institutions' usage of EnVinance based on an improved financial support system for green companies

  • Teachers' Pension

    Research on the adoption of the stewardship code by the Korea Teachers' Pension

  • Financial Services Commission

    Methods to measure the effectiveness of the financial conglomerate risk management scheme


    Research on the ways to introduce responsible investing in corporations paying tax in kind

  • Hana UBS Asset Management

    Supports for the adoption and implementation of the stewardship code

  • Truston Asset Management

    Supports for joining and implementing the Stewardship Code

  • Heungkuk Asset Management

    Supports for joining and implementing the Stewardship Code


    Establishment of Code of Best Practices for Audit Committee Operation with detailed manual and checklists for its evaluation

  • Korea Productivity Center

    Review on Small-Medium Cap SRI Index development

  • Korea University

    Research on Responsible Investment of NPS and Stewardship Code

  • Association of High Potential Enterprises of Korea

    Corporate Governance and Desirable Business Succession for Medium-sized Enterprises

  • National Pension Service

    Advisory Agency for Korean Stocks’ Dividend Policy

  • Hana Financial Group Inc.

    Research on a Better Evaluation Model for BoD and Outside Directors

  • Ministry of Strategy and Finance

    Research on Improved Taxation Scheme for Shareholders

  • Ministry of Employment and Labor

    Research on Guidelines for Responsible Investment of Workers Compensation Insurance Fund

  • Korea Post

    Research on Efficient Exercise of Voting Rights by Post Office Banking

  • Korea Internet Corporations Association

    Research on Corporate Governance of Domestic Internet Corporations

  • Ministry of Justice

    Research on Supervision on Sound Management of Listed Companies

  • Korea Environmental Industry Technology Institute

    Plans to Bolster Green Financial Policy and Institutional Reform Function

  • Korea Investor Relations Service

    Plans to Establish and Manage a Rating System for Listed Companies’ IR

  • Korea Environmental Industry Technology Institute

    Developed a Manual for Verifying Environmental Information

  • BC Card

    Convergence of Telecom and Financial Services of KT Group and Plans to Develop BC Card

  • KT Corporation

    Strategy for Converging Telecom and Financial Services of KT Group

  • National Pension Service

    Measurement of Social Responsibility Aspects of National Pension Fund Portfolios

  • Korea Exchange

    Research on Balancing between Corporate Value Enhancement and Public Function of KRX

  • Financial Services Commission

    Research on Corporate Governance Improvement of Financial Institutions

  • National Pension Service

    Plans for Responsible Investment and Exercise of Shareholder Rights by National Pension Service

  • Korea Exchange

    Plans to Incorporate Internal Control Adequacy into the Evaluation Model for Calculating the KRX SRI Index

  • Ministry of Strategy and Finance

    Plans for Advanced Investor Protection to Promote Corporate Financing Activities

  • Korea National Housing Corporation

    Research on Devising Strategic Responses to Mid to Long-Term Audit

  • Korea Listed Companies Association

    Plans to Improve Independence and Expertise of Outside

  • Asset Management Association of Korea

    Research on Promoting Exercise of Voting Rights in Stocks Held by Funds

  • Korea Independent Commission against Corruption

    Development of Corporate Transparency Measures

  • Ministry of Planning and Budget

    Research on How to Operate the Job Evaluation System for Public Officers

  • Fair Trade Commission

    Evaluation on the Internal and External Monitoring System

  • Korea Exchange

    Plans to Improve Corporate Governance of KRX

  • Fair Trade Commission

    Measuring Transparency and Fairness of Companies and Markets

  • Korea Exchange

    Plans to Improve Corporate Governance

  • Ministry of Strategy and Finance

    Analysis on Current Corporate Governance and Plans to Improve Corporate Governance

Participated in OECD Corporate Governance Committee
as Korean Delegation

With the Ministry of Justice, KCGS has been participating as the Korean delegation in the annual meetings of the OECD Corporate Governance Committee, in which the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and other key corporate governance issues are discussed and determined.

Contact : Policy Research Division at +82-2-3775-3339

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