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  1. 1. This disclaimer is applied to the reports that are published by the KCGS as part of its RI advisory service and made public on this website.
  2. 2. All the evaluation models and standards and analysis reports for supporting responsible investing are copyright protected. Investors, both retail and institutional, should note that any for-profit use of such content is prohibited including but not limited to by reproducing, transmitting, publishing, and redistributing part or all of the content without the prior written consent of the KCGS. Unauthorized use or adaption of the content is also prohibited.
  3. 3. The analysis reports are created based on publicly available information and data believed to be reliable. Nonetheless, the KCGS shall not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such information and data and the reports are created based on historical data and for reference purposes. Institutional investors are advised to use their own judgment and take full responsibility for the final investment decisions on what stocks to purchase and when. Under no circumstances whatsoever, the reports available on this website shall be used as evidence to support legal liability on an institutional investor’s investment outcome.
  4. 4. The reports available on this web page were previously provided exclusively for institutional investors, not retail investors. As at the time of the provision and disclosure of the reports, neither the KCGS nor any of its members owned the shares issued by the companies covered. The reports include the KCGS views on the result of the analysis conducted by the KCGS’s analytics tool. The KCGS certifies that its analysts wrote the views without any unjust pressure or interference from external parties.
  5. 5. The KCGS shall not be liable for any losses or damages arising from the use of any information contained on this website or from the non-provision of the services due to uncontrollable events such as natural disasters or to other unavoidable situations including the repair, replacement, periodic inspection, and construction of the system and/or equipment used. The KCGS shall neither be liable for any losses or damages due to the faults attributable to the users including but not limited to the provision of wrong personal information and/or e-mail address and the errors in the users’ computer system.
  6. 6. If there is any inconsistency between the Korean and English versions of this Disclaimer, the Korean version shall prevail.
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