President’s Message


한국기업지배구조 원장

Since its inception in June 2002, the Korea Institute of Corporate Governance and Sustainability (KCGS) has endeavored to support listed companies in Korea for their corporate governance improvements.

Among others, the institute strived to create an environment to establish an order in corporate governance by publishing and updating the code of best practices for corporate governance and that for an audit committee (internal auditor) and by rating corporate governance practices at listed firms.

KCGS’s rating of governance expanded its scope to include the environmental (E) and social (S) spheres in 2011, followed by a drive to establish an integrated ESG rating scheme. Starting with the proxy advisory service in 2012, the institute has expanded its support for the financial industry as well by launching a responsible investing advisory service, assisting the establishment of the stewardship code, and creating a new rating category that evaluates corporate governance at financial institutions. The institute took another step in 2017 to launch a policy research group within the organization, strengthening its ESG research capabilities.

Through these innovative changes, KCGS has grown into an integral institution in the local capital markets, providing quality ESG rating data, timely ESG research, and unrivaled investor advisory services.

Currently, capital markets around the globe are creating dynamic changes centered on ESG. Regulatory and institutional changes aimed at reinforcing the responsibilities of listed firms and institutional investors in the ESG arena are coming faster than expected. Key stakeholders, including investors, are raising their voices to demand enhanced ESG disclosure and business management.

KCGS embraces these rapid changes as an opportunity rather than an unexpected risk. Based on its experience and capacity, the institute aims to develop into the best ESG institution that provides a top-notch market infrastructure.

As always, KCGS will spare no effort to engage external stakeholders to meet the global standards in ESG as well as to find the best possible supportive measures that fit the local market environment. The institute hopes that such efforts will contribute to the sustainable development and growth of the Korean listed firms, capital markets, and the national economy as a whole. We look forward to your continued engagement and support.

Thank you.

President  In Sook Shim

Market Square of Korea Exchange Seoul Office, 76 Yeouinaru-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea